HyperCat is a protocol to allow machine discovery of Internet of Things objects, and the properties of those things.  Aquamatix is an active member of the HyperCat community and is the prime for the water industry vertical in the next phase of the project.  The development of HyperCat is funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board.  For more information see



Aquamatix is an active proponent of wireless sensor networks, and believes that open standards are the best way to leverage the power of the Internet of Things in water.  The Weightless standard delivers a long system range, with low power consumption and low cost terminals, to enable connectivity at a greater range of sites for a broader variety of services.  See for more information.


ThingWorx enables dynamic Internet of Things applications that evolve rapidly as new inputs and insights become available. These “dynamic” applications grow more valuable the more they are used and serve as catalyst for innovation.