Wireless Sensor Networks

Aquamatix is able to work with water industry sensor and instrumentation companies to ‘IOT-enable’ their products. New business models are emerging as a result of IOT around remote service managementof complex sensor systems, especially in capital intensive industries. Sensor manufacturers have the most specialist experience of their instrument system related to a particular sensor technology and its application for measuring a particular parameter. 4-20mA is no longer adequate for monitoring the range of useful information which a modern sensor system can reveal. RSM can provide the manufacturer with much more detailed insight into how the sensor is being used and how it is performing in a particular application. By exploiting remote condition monitoring techniques and diagnostics, the manufacturer is able to optimise the performance of their sensor systems and enhance the value of their service to the end-user.


We would work with you to develop a template conforming to the SWIM data model standard. We would then provide a hosting service with wireless messaging facility. We can also advise on strategy for communication protocols based on our understanding of IOT trends and standards. We believe the requirement for WITS (Water Industry Telemetry Standards) is not appropriate for low-power sensor applications and can advise on how best to satisfy a WITS interface whilst preserving an open protocol. Industrial dischargers are increasingly interested in monitoring wastewater for compliance and the complete audit process demonstrating compliance can be captured as web-application.