AquamatiX is pioneering the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to innovative water management solutions. Together with our partner Thingworx, we believe we have the skills and capacity to transform the collection, analysis storage and presentation of real-time data and analytics.


Our core water solution, WaterWorX, is built around ThingworX. The final solution we produce is an amalgam of standard objects which AquamatiX has built into WaterWorX and deployed for our clients, together with special object models built exclusively for specific client requirements.  The design of the software objects and user interface are based on standard, reusable objects and templates customised to meet the client requirements.


Because WaterWorx has the ability to operate on a wide variety of devices including mobile tablets and smartphones it allows a new approach to working practices. Users of WWX such as maintenance and operations staff now have direct access to real-time process information 24 hours a day. 

An example WaterWorX implementation shown below is for a Water Treatment plant.


WaterWorX can be deployed to any water system due to its inherent IoT flexibility. Deploying and connection to devices such as pump on/off, pressures, flows, levels, temperatures is now incredibly simple meaning that the days of high cost SCADA implementations are a thing of the past!


Because WaterWorX is internet enabled your devices and process can be controlled locally or at remote locations. Monitoring, gathering and processing of real-time data is enabled by powerful analytics. For example WaterWorX system quickly notifies an operator that a reservoir is showing a potential overflow situation so pumps can be started to rebalance accordingly.


Ongoing increased functionality and software development can be provided totally by AquamatiX, Thingworx and partners or through joint development between AquamatiX and client teams.